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Prototype to Production

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Components to Assemblies

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An Extension of Your Company


Exhaust Systems can support your emissions efforts at any level – whether making a single component, taking full responsibility for a complete, turnkey emissions system – or anything in between.

We are an extension of your company – we integrate ourselves alongside your engineers, program managers, buyers and quality personnel.

Exhaust Systems specializes in manufacturing support of exhaust assemblies due to space, capacity or time constraints.


Prototype to Production

  • Full Prototype capabilities for components and full welded assemblies
  • Engineering support
  • Design for manufacturability feedback
  • Production capabilities from low-volume to medium volumes
  • Fully PPAP capable
  • Low capital investment options for specialty or ultra-low volume applications

Exhaust Systems can assist at all levels of your emissions system development.   We can build prototype parts and assemblies with minimal tooling and fixturing to aid in your part development.   Many of the lessons learned at this phase carry through seamlessly to production.

Our company has the flexibility to support all levels of production, especially at ultra-low, low and medium volumes.   Whether component parts or full assemblies, Exhaust Systems has the resources and capabilities necessary to produce parts to meet your timing, quality and pricing goals.


Full Turnkey
Program Management


Many of our customers have in-house manufacturing capabilities and utilize Exhaust Systems for additional capacity.   We can take on all aspects of a program that may not be a good fit for your operation, whether due to capacity, space, timing or other constraints.

  • Engineering support
  • Design for manufacturability support
  • Component sourcing
  • In-house component builds
  • In-house weld fixtures
  • Robotic or manual Welding
  • CMM and laser scanning Inspection
  • Check fixtures
  • Leak checking

Components to Assemblies

  • Full In-House capabilities to stamp, bend, roll cut and weld metal in any configuration
  • Exhaust Systems is a vertically integrated manufacturer, which means we have the maximum amount of control over the full system.

Exhaust Systems can take an assembly completely from beginning to end.   We can create the tools; stamp the shells, heat shields and cones; bend the tubing; roll the shells; machine the flanges; design the fixtures; weld the parts; leak check and inspect the parts — all within one company.


In House


Visit our facilities, located in Jackson, MI — we have state of the art technologies enabling us to make high-quality parts and assemblies with extremely fast lead times.

  • Stamping presses up to 1600 tons
  • Five-axis laser cutting
  • Automated tube laser cutting
  • CNC tube bending
  • CNC Machining
  • Fixture design/build
  • Rolling
  • Seam welding
  • Robotic and manual Welding

Lawn Mowers to


We serve the following markets

  • Lawn Mowers
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Tractor
  • Locomotive

No exhaust system is too large or too small.   We have made assemblies for lawn mowers that can be easily held in your hand — all the way up to Tier 4 locomotive systems that weigh thousands of pounds.

Gas Engines
Diesel Engines
Alternative Fuels
Natural Gas